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The best way to access Twitter contents from your Amazon Kindle™

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What is e-Read MyTweets?

It is an independent service that turns your Twitter stream into an e-Book which you can easily read on your Kindle™.

If you follow a lot of people on Twitter, you know how tiresome it can be to read all those tweets, even on your new shiny 27-inch display.

What could be better than using something that has been engineered to do one thing well?
Your e-Book reader!

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How does it work?

Just sign in with your Twitter credentials, authorize our application and configure your delivery e-mail. Simple!

You'll receive your tweets directly on your Kindle by Whispernet™ by 3G or Wi-Fi, your choice. It works on Kindle apps, too!

Premium Users will have the added benefits of being able to customize delivery options and to receive all their tweets and content.

  • normal user  Basic Account
  • *   Up to 100 tweets per day
  • *   One delivery per day
  • *   Tweet pictures are included
  • *   Free!
  • premium user   Premium Account
  • *   Receive all your tweets
  • *   Adjust delivery frequency
  • *   Tweet pictures and contents are included
  • *   Just $11.99 or €11.99 for 12 months!
  • $
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