Important announcement

Unfortunately on January 31, 2015 e-Read MyTweets has been shut down.

Since June 2012 it has been one heck of a ride and we have delivered tens of thousands of eBooks with your tweets around the world. However, as much as we wanted to keep the service up'n'running and free for many years to come, we haven't received enough donations to cover for the costs related to hosting and operations.

We would like to thank everyone who helped support the site either through paying the subscription or by sending in suggestions or corrections.

Anyway all hope is not lost! If you want to sponsor the service or still donate some money to keep it alive, please get in touch with us at

Thank you,
The e-Read MyTweets Team


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Your Twitter stream as e‑Book.

The best way to access Twitter contents from your e-Book reader

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What is e-Read MyTweets?

It is an independent service that turns your Twitter stream into an e-Book which you can easily read on your Kindle™ or any other e-Book reader.

If you follow a lot of people on Twitter, you know how tiresome it can be to read all those tweets, even on your new shiny 27-inch display.

What could be better than using something that has been engineered to do one thing well?
Your e-Book reader!

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How does it work?

Just sign in with your Twitter credentials, authorize our application and configure your delivery e-mail. Simple!

You'll also receive your tweets directly on your Kindle by Whispernet™ by 3G or Wi-Fi, your choice. It works on Kindle apps, too!

You can also customize delivery options to receive all their tweets and content.

  • premium user   Premium Free Account
  • *   Receive all your tweets
  • *   Adjust delivery frequency
  • *   Tweet pictures and contents are included
  • *   Kindle™ mobi and EPUB are supported
  • *   Free! Donations are welcome :)
  • $
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